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Sanctions Tracker

Live monitoring of all sanctions against Russia

Sanctions against Russia are economic weapons of the West in the Ukraine conflict. But their effectiveness remains an open question. We’re providing daily updates on which embargoes are imposed on whom and answering your most important questions.

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About the data

Status as of June 18, 2023. For any changes or updates, see the original article here: Live monitoring of all sanctions against Russia.

The data comes from the OpenSanctions project. The platform scours the known sanctions lists on the websites of the relevant authorities several times a day and offers the aggregated data for journalists to download under a Creative Commons license. We filter the full dataset from OpenSanctions for sanctions against Russian targets in the period 2014 to the present. The global sanctions lists include the specific targets targeted by individual sanctions, such as individuals and companies. Although, for example, the closure of airspace or a SWIFT exclusion is also colloquially referred to as a “sanction,” these measures do not appear on the sanctions lists displayed here. More in-depth information on the individual sanctions decisions can be viewed on OpenSanctions.


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